LMU New Students' Portal How Tos & Frequently Asked Questions

How To Pay Fees

The new payment system involves generating a payment order transaction number via the students’online portal, and paying the order via any of the avaliable means (Quickteller via the Quickteller website or the Quickteller option on ATMs, and also through any of the listed banks). These are the steps involved:

  1. Login to the portal with your usual username and password
  2. Under the Payments and Accounts Info link, Select new transaction.

  3. Provide the amount payable in Naira. A transaction charge of 500 is attached to all transactions. Verify that all details - including those automatically generated are correct and proceed to Create the transaction.

  4. A payment receipt is generated that contains the Transaction ID, Refencence ID and other important information as well as further information about means of payment.
    The Transaction ID is the unique number that is used to pay for the Order/transaction generated.

  5. After payment, your transaction will be listed on your transactions list which can be accessed by clicking the Transactions link under Payments And Accounts Info.
    The receipts of confirmed payments which contains payment information can be printed on this page. Also the previous transactions and their details can also be viewed via this page.
  6. If successful completion of payment for a transaction and its status is still PROCESSING on your transactions list or , Click on the Request update button of such transaction to re-confirm transaction's payment.
  7. For other enquires/complaints about transactions/fee payments, please send an eMail to webpay@lmu.edu.ng (available 9AM - 5PM, Mon. - Fri.)